How to Choose the Best Guitar for Singer Songwriter?

You are going to need a good acoustic guitar to get the melody down. While some people prefer playing on a keyboard when making music for songs you can go for an acoustic guitar. There are many singer songwriter that uses guitar for this purpose. It’s extremely personal and sometimes subjective about choosing the exact right guitar. Every player has their unique style for using the instrument and the same goes with the instrument itself. Regardless of what the advertisements make us try to belief, there is no such right style or brand of guitar. So the question arises as how to find the best guitar for singer songwriter.

Things to consider:

Any model will get the job done pretty much but there are some tried things to consider before getting your hands on the new six string. Below are some of the recommendations you might consider.


This is the most important thing you should remember while shopping because you need an instrument that makes you comfortable. You should understand that holding the instrument in your hands does not only make you feel comfortable but also it will feel the same when you need to sit or stand with it. Sometime you might need to lean over to grab your notebook to fetch some lyrics while the guitar is sitting on your lap. The guitar should be comfortable in every posture of yourself so that it doesn’t interfere in any work.

Size and sound:

Instead of a bigger model always opt for a small one. A big guitar might sound amazing but it is also large, too large to get comfortable for your songwriting requirements. There is a reason why singer songwriter prefers small models and you should too. It goes beyond saying that you want a model that will deliver a good quality sound. As you will be singing over it, you probably don’t want something that is loud. That is why small body guitars are best preferred as their volume will not go over your singing.

Music style:

The type of song you are writing for your musical sessions also determine what sort of guitar you should choose. Suppose you make music on folk, then a classical guitar will serve you best. If you are not sure, go for a steel and a nylon string model.


The wood combo model should be considered as because you are a vocalist. A good guitar made out of maple and mahogany suits best for a songwriter. The vocals sounds best on a maple model.

A good local shop:

A good shop encourages you to play with many models that helps you in taking your time while choosing. After selection the shop sets up the instrument that ensures that it is comfortable for you. The real importance of a local shop comes when the guitar needs minor repairs and tunings. The local shop have a lot to offer both in selection and after service even though you may be an experienced guitarist.

In conclusion:

Always remember that each guitar has a unique personality, so you can take time in choosing them. Use the above tips to find the best model and bring out the best in yourself by banging out some new music.

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