How to shop for a Beginner Friendly Acoustic Guitar?

The basics

The acoustic guitar is an instrument that is sought out by many, because of the beautiful sounds they can project. They don’t require a great deal of talent to get started, so they’re great if you’re looking for a new hobby. So If you’re looking to pick up an acoustic guitar and start playing, you’ll need to make sure you have a good baseline to start with. Let’s take a look at some great methods to find the perfect acoustic guitar for beginners. You’ll be pleased to know it is not quite as hard as you may think, and not as expensive either.

Price tags aren’t everything

The first thing you should know about buying an acoustic guitar for the first time, is that price is not all that important. Now, you may be tempted to purchase the top of the line model, but it might actually be a better choice to settle for a starter kit. There are many companies out there that can provide you with a guitar case, strap, pick, and tuner right out of the box for under $1,000. Cool right? You might be wondering why going with a cheaper guitar is a good idea, because it would seem as if the top of the line model would be easier to play right? Well, believe it or not, some of the more expensive acoustic guitars out there can actually prove more challenging to play. This is due to the fact that they are already geared towards experienced players, and allow very little room to make mistakes. Plus, who wants to damage an expensive guitar?

Fret spacing

Acoustic guitars always have a very nice sound if they’re tuned properly, but only if you hit the notes correctly. This brings us to fret spacing. Any acoustic guitar that has frets too close together can be challenging for beginners, because they’re much less forgiving. With close fret spacing, you may risk hitting the wrong note, and that doesn’t exactly make a very inviting sound. So when you’re looking for a beginner friendly acoustic, look for a guitar that has a dreadnought body. These bodies are designed to be larger than average guitars, and actually have their frets more spaced out. This will be much more forgiving if you make mistakes early on.

It is also important to mention string spacing as well. The dreadnought body also increases the space between strings, which will also be more forgiving if you accidentally slip. So, when looking for a starter acoustic, look for a larger sized body.


When looking for a starter acoustic, you should also be considering the headstock. This can be an extremely underrated part of the shopping experience, because not everyone knows the best angle or what a headstock even is. When shopping for a starter acoustic, you’ll want to make sure the headstock is on enough of an angle to keep your strings tight. The tighter the guitar strings, the less likely you’ll be to make mistakes.

Wood choice

Mahogany should be your go to choice when looking for an acoustic guitar. It provides a full sound, and is highly durable to damage. So, if you’re a bit clumsy, this is the best material for you. The wood also provides a better sound tone, and is a bit more forgiving if you’re a bit off key.

The verdict

When you’re looking for an acoustic guitar you’ll come across many different choices. Be sure to pay attention to your personal needs, and please do so before looking at the price tag. Finding a starter acoustic is about comfort and learning, so be sure to put that above all else.

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