How to Sing High Notes without Straining Your Voice?

Singing is fun and exciting as singers get to express their feelings and capabilities of their voices. Achieving high notes is something any singer wishes to achieve. In this article we discuss how to sing high notes without straining your voice:


Suddenly trying to sing a song that involves high notes without warming up first is asking for trouble. If you were running a race you wouldn’t try to run from ‘cold’ and it’s important to recognize that singing is an intensive vocal activity and preparation is vital.

get to know and understand your voice range that is straining free. You can try the ‘lip bubble’ sound. This trick involves blowing air through your lips to produce a ‘tractor’ like sound. With this type of warm-up will enable you to note how easy it is to achieve high notes.


You need to watch yourself in a mirror as you are singing and watch what happens when you are singing higher. Do you reach up with your chin as you ‘try’ to get higher notes? Does your chin stick out further when up high? when you find yourself doing these things, then straining is evident. To attain high notes requires none of the above. if you are a victim of those things you can use your hand and raise t above your head as you go higher. Practicing this will shift the focus from the chin and make the throat to stay open.

Think DOWN

A lot of the trouble with high notes is in our thinking. If you think it’s really hard to ‘reach’ top notes then your body acts that thought out, it can’t ignore all that tension you feel when you worry about whether you can reach it or not!

Luckily there is a very simple and easy way to counteract this. Think down. How do you do that? It starts by raising your hand high when you are singing lower notes. As you go higher lower your hand. With more practice, you will master to the tread and you will be in a position yo ”think” down without moving your hand physically.

Use Exercises

Many times you can extend the comfortable range of your voice by working on things gradually step by step. Start by knowing where you can go in your voice without feeling any strain and then use a vocal exercise going only 1 tone higher than the really comfortable note. Practice every day and then when you feel ready to try going up just one more tone with the same pattern before coming down again. It doesn’t really matter what exercise you use as long as it is one that has a pattern that gradually goes higher and then comes down lower again.

Everyone who struggles with singing high notes will have a unique voice and different capabilities but these four tips give you the opportunity to conquer the most frequent reasons for straining so that you can sing out with confidence and ease.

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