How to Sing Higher Male without Falsetto?

Most of the people, especially males, learning singing usually want to know how to sing higher male without falsetto because the number of males trying to sing high notes is increasing these days.

Ways to sing high notes without falsetto

If you want to sing high notes like celebrity male singers including Jeff Buckley or Sam Smith then you should understand how to be comfortable with your head voice. Your head voice can be comfortable if you know how to use it while singing. The body of every singer, male or female, has different chambers to resonate every note sung by them. These resonance chambers are mainly located in their head and chest. For this reason they are recognized head voice and chest voice.

For instance, you can feel vibrations in your chest or throat region when you are singing lower notes. But the vibrations you felt in your chest can move to some other location when you start singing high notes. The next destination of your vibration can be you head where it becomes head voice.

What is a head voice?

If you do not know about head voice then you should follow the tips provided here under.

The easiest way to know about head voice is to sing higher notes with light, airy and falsetto voice. But singing high notes with falsetto can be problematic for you as its sound is not balanced as it neither has any power nor flexibility. So you will have to sing high notes without falsetto. But how?

Singing high notes without falsetto

Males can sing high notes without falsetto just by including rying’ sound in their singing as if you are sad like a baby.

However, if you sing with falsetto then you will be able to create an unfinished sound, which is not good for a performance.

Now, when you add some crying sound while singing the high notes you want to master and repeat it again and again then you will feel the difference in your sound instantly. For instance, if you want to sing powerful note C5 then you can sing it more easily by including a word with crying sound like Gee. This word will suddenly change the quality of your sound as the note will not sound airy and light.

In this way, you can soon complete your singing on the high notes without using the sound of crying baby. This small tip can help males in finding a way to sing high notes without falsetto.

You can have voice lessons from a singing expert if you still are not able to sing high notes without using falsetto as there must be something wrong in your voice or the scale of the high notes. The singing expert can help you in singing high notes without using falsetto through the text and video lessons.

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