How to Sing Properly from Your Diaphragm?

When you join a singing class, the first thing that your teacher might ask you to do is sing from your diaphragm. Your breathing needs to occur in a certain way for you to sound clear and great. Well, you might be thinking you can already breathe properly and your diaphragm is already working. So what changes you need to put on? The whole idea is to train your muscles to get control over your voice.

Your diaphragm is a sheet of muscles that separates the thoracic cavity. It is responsible for causing and spasming. But it also has a great role to play when you sing. To sing melodiously and clearly, one requires to breathe support from the diaphragm. So to become a better singer you will have to learn to strengthen your diaphragm and have proper control.

Easy ways to sing from your diaphragm

Wondering how to sing properly from your diaphragm? Follow these steps below:

Locate your diaphragm

First of all, you need to locate your diaphragm muscle. To do this stand straight and use the hands to find the bottom end of your ribcage. Now draw air into your lungs as much as you can. Now start singing. While singing the diaphragm muscle should be stable and firm & provide a foundation to the voice to rise through the air column.

Practice breathing into your diaphragm

You will have to practice breathing into your diaphragm for repeated times. Breathe as deeply as you can and push the stomach out while keeping the rest body straight. Imagine that you are a chimney and your voice are rising through the chimney from the muscles out of your lungs. Practice breathing through your diaphragm.

Practice Diaphragm strengthening exercises

Once you get to know how to breathe correctly your next focus is to bring as much power as you can into your diaphragm. Inhale a deep breath from your muscle and count as high as possible while exhaling. You can do exercises like ilkshake’ and og pants’ where you need to keep your chest and shoulders straight and pretend you are sucking a straw and panting like a dog respectively.

Control the amount of air you inhale

If you send too much air pressure you might end up breaking your chords and your voice will fall apart. Having control over your breathing means you are able to control your vocal cords. So above all, you need to keep on practising breathing exercises along with your singing routine. The good thing is you can practice breathing exercise anytime, anywhere you want. The more you practice the stronger your diaphragm becomes and the better control you will have on your vocal cords.

The right posture and throat wide open

Once you get control over your breathing, you can easily sing from your diaphragm loud and clear. When singing from your diaphragm you are actually taking fuller breaths. For this, you need to stand with your back straight and shoulder rolled back. And finally, always sing with your throat wide open. To let the airflow naturally from your diaphragm you will have sing with your throat wide open.

Practice these steps and you will soon become a better singer.

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