How to Teach a Choir to Sing in Harmony?

Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life. What is life without music? It just brings so much happiness to our lives. For every mood, there is a song. And for every song there is a singer. It is because of these singers that we get such good song that reaches our heart. When it comes to singing the best part of it is choirs. When a group of singers perform together it is called as Choirs. It looks good when we hear them together at school halls or musical act or church or at an opera but do you know it is the most difficult and challenging part to do. Singing in a chorus or choir obviously needs lots of practice from a small age. Have you seen in a church how all sync together in the song and perform their parts so effortlessly with harmony. Harmony helps to uplift the songs by adding its richness and texture to vocal parts. You can help your troupe sing in harmony even if they do not have any prior formal training.

Lets us check below how to teach a choir to sing in harmony.

Making Notes

A choirmaster or a conductor can help all the singers or choir members by making them notes of their parts as to when to keep a pitch high or keep it low. There are also basic rhythm notes that can help all members play their parts well like quarter; eighth, half and whole notes etc. Rhythm will help in putting the song in more sync form. Notes help to produce a pleasing visual combination which ensures the songs come out in sync.

Start Young

Singing is one such stream where early training is very important. When you start young you practice more and even grasp every note properly. The mind at such ages picks up everything faster. The early you start the soon it will help you to sing in harmony. When individually the basics are strong, it helps kids to sing canons & partner songs comfortably later. For choir, every individual has to practice for a longer time and then practice with their partners together to perform evenly.

Selection of song

When playing in chorus, selecting a correct song is important. A song which has more melodic lines will go well for choir. Singing in harmony is not easy hence it should be done in parts. A choral director can help every member learns its chorus parts. All the members can come together and practice their parts together to make sure choral harmony. Performers should be varying of homophobic parts where the harmony part has the same rhythm and melody.

Division of groups

The best way to train the choirs to sing in harmony is by dividing them in groups. Usually harmony parts like soprano, alto, tenor and bass are sung by most choirs. So when you play a song, a choir member can make out itself and figure out his part that can be one of the options. Also after listening to the song it can be played slowing and all the parts can be demonstrated vocally. The group can then further ensemble and practice their parts well. Recordings can also be provided to choir members for them to rhythm with their parts well.

Practice together

After dividing the groups and making them practice individually, coming & practicing together is the last & most essential part. To know whether every member is on the same page, it is essential to practice together. The choir master or director can sing together with the choir members to let them know the melodies well. Also hand signs play an important role. Using those same sign and motions as you did while learning the choral will help you remember your parts & notes easily. Lastly, practicing without a choir master is also important. The final practice should be done without the choirmaster to see the song is sung in harmony & on the same note.

So these are few tricks which will help you sync your choral well. These steps will certainly ensure the choir performs well. You can also master canon songs and such group songs which will help you get the drill before moving into harmony.

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